Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Business Coach
Idea Maker
Visual Artist
Master Pie Maker

As a visual communicator, I mix the practical with the creative. I am an art director and graphic designer, consultant, coach and fine artist. My business mission statement is also my personal mantra: I expand joy, creativity, connections and growth everyday while inspiring others to do the same within their business and/or personal objectives.

I have operated my own design studio for the past 10 years. I used a mixture of my skills and experiences to evaluate and create successful integrated communications and awareness-building solutions on behalf of corporate, government and nonprofit clients in addition to artists, musicians and other creative professionals. I specialize in brainstorming and strategy sessions, creative concept development, art and photography direction; along with design, production, project management and the coordination of vendors.

Smart and well-designed solutions in all forms delight me. I am capable of completing small one-off projects, or coordinate large in-depth projects such as a multi-day photo shoot in a busy hospital or long-term marketing plans. I able work independently in my home office or in a team setting. I have high standards for printed media and work with a network of printer vendors along with writers and photographers. I create website design look and feel and I’m versed in information architecture and work with programmers to produce creative and functional results.

I earned certification in Life and Business Coaching from the The Institute for Life Coach Training—the accredited Coach Training Program designation by the International Coach Federation. Coaching, is the process which an individual or group is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional goals. This is a great skill that I blend into my design and consulting practice. I’m able to partner with my clients in assisting them envisioning and achieving their business or  personal goals, and I create communication products/services that directly relate to their core needs. I am currently creating a series of workshops for expanding innovation and creativity for creative professionals and corporate leadership.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University. While my practice is client-based graphic design communications and solutions, I’m also a painter, paper and letterpress artist who conceptualizes, designs and produces a line of hand-printed letterpress cards called WorkSpace. As a child, I fell in love with all the options in that box of Crayola 64 and the red crayon is still my favorite. I use my present day child-like enthusiasm for creativity by mentoring children in art and art history.

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