UIC of Chicago: Environmental Design for Business School & University Library Special Collections

• UIC Student Lab Commodities History Floor to Ceiling Wall Paper Graphics and Postcard
• UIC Business School Lobby Timeline
• CME Executive Board Room Framed Art Collages
• UIC Finance Department Floor to Ceiling Wallpaper Graphics
• Postcard Series
• Three custom photoshoots, concept and content development, vendor and project management and on-site installation management

Client Description

“My project was initially conceived as 2-3 pieces of artwork to be placed in the Student Training Lab of the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) Business School as well as its accompanying conference room. These art pieces would highlight the CME Group Collections at UIC Richard J. Daley Library, which hold the archival records of the Chicago Board of Trade and the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange. Students learn how to trade electronically in the Lab, so the Library’s Special Collections department wanted to connect their work to the past and inform them of the existence of these records.

Andrea came on board as I was selecting images and documents to include in the panels. She created many drafts to give my colleagues and I options, and attended many meetings to discuss them. UIC Business School staff attended a meeting once we had selected designs for their rooms, and requested more work, specifically 2 additional pieces for other areas. Andrea accommodated these additional requests with ease. She also found vendors to help us build and install what we needed.

I had not considered additional ways to promote the project, but Andrea had many helpful ideas about promoting this project. It was her idea to create postcards and build a holder for them, allowing students, staff and faculty an additional way to interact with the panels.

All of the artwork was successfully installed approximately 16 months after the project began and continues to alert Business School students to the CME Group Collections at the Library. This project went through many revisions and additions, all of which Andrea managed easily. I appreciated her communication and flexibility through the challenges of this project.”

Megan Keller
Project Archivist, CME Group Collections
Special Collections and University Archives University Library
The University of Illinois at Chicago